Latest News

  • Iraq
    Field Badrah (Badra)
    1 Sep 2014 - The project's current output is 15'000 b/d & Kogas aims to produce 170'000 b/d within 3 years.
  • United Kingdom
    Field Lowlander (P324, Block 14/20c)
    31 Aug 2014 - Joint studies between Faroe Petroleum and the Perth field JV are expected to complete by end 2014 to determine the feasibility of a joint development of the Perth/Dolphin/Lowlander fields.
  • Iran
    *Country Info *Oil & Gas Strategy
    31 Aug 2014 - President says some 100Bm3 will be added to gas production capacity this year (starting 21 March) and the same next year.
  • Mozambique
    Power Plant Ressano Garcia
    31 Aug 2014 - Sasol & EDM inaugurated on 31 Aug 2014 the new gas-to-power plant. Together with its partners, Sasol has expended about $3B in capital investments, which include devel & expansion of the CPF & gas fields in southern Mozambique, construction of a cross-border pipe & completion of the gas-to-power project.
  • Iran
    Field South Pars
    30 Aug 2014 - Iran is currently producing 300Mm3/d of gas from South Pars, and plans to increase production by 100Mm3/d by 21 Mar 2015, according to the oil minister.
  • Peru
    Lease Sales *Lease Sales
    29 Aug 2014 - Initally planning to offer 26 onshore blocks in the Haranon, Ucayali and Madre de Dios basins this year, Perupetrol may offer just 7 blocks. Some of the remaining 19 blocks are located deep into the Peruvian jungle and it may take Perupetro a few months until all the issues with local communities are resolved.
  • United Kingdom
    Field Perth
    29 Aug 2014 - A Perth, Dolphin and Lowlander development would hold an estimated 80Mboe plus resource base.
  • Norway
    *Country Info *Special Events
    29 Aug 2014 - More than 50 companies in Norway’s energy sector have been targeted in recent data sabotage attempts in one of the biggest cyber attacks to have hit the country’s oil and gas industry, according to the National Security Authority (NSA). The agency has now issued warnings to a tot. of 300 companies in the sector over the risk from the attacks in which virus software in e-mails sent to employees is used to target security holes in corporate data systems.